Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Wondering Wednesdays (2)

This is a meme created and hosted by Melissa @ Paranormally Romanced.

This week's wonder...
Melissa was wondering which book has made you want to throw it or chuck it across the room because it got such a strong emotion out of you and why? (Ex. Mad, WTF, Sad, NOOOO!)

I have had a lot of those moments and to me that makes the book even better, especially when you don't anticipate certain things to happen. I'll try to explain the moments that I had strong emotions towards a book without giving away too much. Although there were moments I wanted to throw a book on the wall I never did. Even if I ended up hating it. I just can't! lol.

Savannah Grey by Cliff McNish
I just finished this last night (totally recommend this by the way) and it left gapping. I just didn't expect that kind of ending! It was beautiful and horrible at the same time. It left me with a swirl of emotions and when I reached the last page I didn't know what to do. I was staring at the back of the book wondering what just had happened. I can't say more because I'll spoil the story but my mind was filled with this book for a while after I finished.

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller
Most of the time Heaven, the main character, made me mad with her choices and way of thinking. Poor Iain.... I can't say more....


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Catherine said...

I have had Savannah Grey on my to read for like ever, I need to get it, but sadly my library doesn't have a copy but maybe I can request them to buy a copy and read it then :D

Never heard of the second book though..

Trying to think of books that gave me strong emotions but none come to my mind so far, guess I need to think about it for awhile :)

Have a great Wednesday ^^

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