Tuesday, March 1, 2011

City of Fallen Angels signed!!!

City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, Book 4)I have amazing news!! Some of you may have already heard this some may not. I just did through twitter (I just came to appreciate twitter lol).

Barnes and Nobles will carry a special edition of City of Fallen Angels. Signed plus something extra!
That extra will be the letter Jace left to Clary after that night they spend at City of Glass!
You can find more information here.

You can only find this book at the US in Barnes and Noble but they ship internationally.
I just ordered my copy! So excited!!
Even though shipping cost me more than the book but that's ok because I ordered two more books since the shipping to where I live (Canada) is the same for three books.
Did you order yours?



*Melissa* said...

Thanks for this post, i was no aware of this! I will be ordering mine soon now through BN.


Awesomesauce Book Club said...

Thanks for the info, I just preordered mine. I had it on preorder on amazin but I can still cancel it. Thanks Again!

Kelsey said...

Amazing isn't it!! I live in the UK and I'm paying extra to get one sipped extra fast hehe

Marie said...

Hi :)
It's Marie from ifmarybooks blog.
Thanks again for joining The Mortal Instruments re-read challenge.
I'm really sorry but I can't do this challenge myself :(.
I'm really busy with college this semester. I've got my final exams in less than two months and I need to study like hell. But also I don't have much time with my job too...
I thought a month ago that I will have some times to do this re read challenge but I've got so much new YA books to read I can't spend time on re-read certain books.
And I've taken the desicion to take a little break with my blog at least until my exams are over at the end of April. (I've wrote a post about on my blog !)
I'm really really sorry and I hope you'll understand :).
But still I hope you'll have a great time re reading the books if you're still doing it.
Happy reading !

Elodie said...

How awesome !! I so have to order a copy of this one ;) Thanks

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