Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts: I'm Number Four MOVIE

I just came back from the movies where I saw the I'm Number Four movie. I got recently the book and was thinking of reading it before heading to the movies. But then I though it would be nice to be surprised by it, since I had no idea what the story was about except from the very basic. 

The movie started slow at first but then picked up after the second half. My favorite kick-ass character was number six with a British accent which I liked. I loved the fight scenes and all the cool powers number four  and number six had.

I don't know if in the book you get to see the love progress between John and Sara, but if you do then I didn't see it on screen. The acting wasn't that terrible but I believe that it could have been better. I want to hope that the book is better than the movie. But then, they always are.

I did enjoy the movie, with my favorite parts being all the scenes with number six and Sam. Something tells that those two will be together in the future. They're so cute together!

A thing that bothered me and always does, no matter what movie I'm watching, is the deleted scenes they use in the trailer and then don't use in the actual film. Did you notice the scene in the trailer where John asks what number he is? Well that wasn't in the movie at all. Instead the movie started with John knowing what number he is.

Love number six! I think she made the movie so much better and love the song they used by Adele. One of my favourites.

Have you seen the movie? What were your thoughts?


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