Saturday, May 28, 2011

Follow Friday(8) & Book Blogger Hop(8) & TGIF(1)

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This week's question is:

Q. In 2011 which  new/old authors have you discovered and loved?

I love this question! Most books I have read this year are from new authors! Well to me lol.
  • Gayle Forman. She captivated me with her writing in If I Stay and I'm looking forward to the sequel Where She Went where I hear is even better.
  • Tina Ferraro. I loved The ABC's of kissing boys! I want to read more of her books!
  • Julie James. I don't usually read adult-contemporary but I loved her books. I have read two of her books and plan to read the other two.
  • Simone Elkeles. I was hesitant about reading Perfect Chemistry and I'm glad that didn't stop me. She knows how to get into a guy's mind. I have only read Perfect Chemistry but I plan to read more of her books. 
  • Tess Oliver. She has a way of telling good stories. I have only read Camille and looking forward to more of her books.
  • Ramona Wray. She has only written one book but it's so good. Looking forward to whatever else she writes. 
  • Richelle Mead. I feel bad about this one but I just recently read one of her books and that one was Vampire Academy. 

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This week's question is:

Q. How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read them, or listen to them? 

I finish one book a week when my school load is heavy. Normally I read two to three books at the same time and it really depends on what else I have on my schedule to see if I can all finish them at the same week. During the winter is really hard for me to finish three books a week. It's usual one-two books a week. Now during the summer is three books at least. I mostly read my books in their physical form or as e-books. I don't really have a pattern. It depends what format I have of the book I want to read. I've only listened once to an audiobook and didn't quit like it. 

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This week's question is:

Q. What book-to-movie adaptation have you most liked? Which have you disliked?

I must say the Harry Potter movies are a very good adaptation of the books. I really like them and I was excited that the last movie would turn into two parts. This way they can be more true to the book. Recently I saw Beastly and even though the book was ok I liked the movie better. It wasn't true to the book though. They had changed a lot. 
The Twilight movies are they ones I dislike the most. They are ok but in my opinion they don't mach the books. The first movie Twilight I believe was the closest they could get to the book after that they have nothing to do with the books. 

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