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Textual Healing >> Book Review

Textual Healing
Title: Textual Healing
Author: Eric Smith
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Release Date: 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 268
Source: Sent by the author for review purposes
My Rating: 4 stars

Few people have to deal with a haiku-speaking flower-shop-owning ninja every day on their way to work. Unfortunately for Andrew Connor, he is one of those people. 
And poor Andrew, his week has been a rough one. His former bestseller, Chasing Fireflies is on clearance at Barnes & Noble for $1.37, his girlfriend lest him for a corporate America action figure, and he's been tricked into joining Textual Healing, a support group for writers who can't seem to write anymore.
Dealing with his employees at his failing used bookshop, a strange new love interest from the Midwest, and a pet sugar-glider that has somehow managed to destroy his entire apartment... when will he ever find the time to put pen to paper again? 
A quirky comedy set in present day New York and New Jersey, Textual Healing follows the story of Andrew, a self-deprecating, once famous author, his small bookstore in Hoboken, and the colourful characters that surround him. 

Textual Healing is a fun read with funny and unpredictable characters. Andrew or Ace, was my favourite character after Orchid of course. You can't beat her! He is fun and easy to relate character and the chemistry between him and Hannah and mostly everyone else is great! 
The book is told by Ace's perspective and there are very few books that I've read that are from a male's perspective that were nicely done and liked. This one I loved! 
There were a lot of funny moments and I can't count the times I laughed. Between the haiku-talking flower shop owner and pirate to the sugar glider. Which by the way had no idea what it is and looked like. I had to googled it. lol The whole book made me crank up. A smile spreads across my face whenever I remember some parts of the book.
I would totally recommend this book if you like light quirky books with a lot of funny moments! 

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