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Shadow Of The Moon >> Book Review

Dark Guardian #4: Shadow of the Moon
Shadow Of The Moon by Rachel Hawthorne 
Dark Guardian, Book 4 
paperback pages: 249
My Rating 4 stars

I can feel every Shifter's emotion except Daniel's-
the only one whose heart I long to know.

HAYDEN was born a werewolf, a Dark Guardian. But her ability to sense the feelings of fellow werewolves has made her life unbearable. She runs away, only to be tracked by charming, mysterious Daniel, a newcomer to the pack and the one Shifter immune to her powers. As she reluctantly follows him home, Hayden finds herself falling dangerously in love....

But even as her feelings for Daniel deepen, Hayden begins to wonder if he is who he claims to be. Where did he come from and why has no one ever seem him transform? When they stumble upon the body of a Shifter still in wolf form, her worries grow. Someone is killing her kind. Is her handsome tracker really a hunter? And is Hayden now his pray?

My Review
 The Dark Guardian series have something that makes me addicted to them. They aren't the best written books out there but the typical girl falls in love, stumbles on an obstacle, overcomes it and they live happily ever after never fails to engross me.

It’s predictable like the other 3 previous books but it never stopped me from turning eagerly the pages to read more. I wish they were longer! (They are kind of short for my liking.)

In this book though, the story doesn't follow the same pattern as in the previous books. Hayden doesn’t live with the other Shifters since her ability of feeling other Shifter’s emotions prevent her from being close to them. It’s too overwhelming and staying among the humans and secluding herself from them is the best result until the creature comes.

The Harvester is one of the oldest creatures that the elders thought that was a myth. Now it’s at Wolford killing Shifters and has named its next victim. Hayden.
Hayden runs away from Wolford and stays hidden among the humans, waiting for her first full moon and waiting for the Harvester. She never saw Daniel.

Daniel is the one who was assigned to bring her back; and Hayden on the way home, falls for him until she discovers something. Daniel is not what he seems to be.

Overall, I loved the book. It’s a new favourite and definitely recommend this for those who would like a light read and of course to the fans of this series.
I hope there is more!

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