Sunday, January 5, 2014

I am back....

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing awesome! It has been a long time hasn't it? Well a lot happened...

Do you ever get to the point where suddenly the thing you love doing doesn't seem as appealing as it used to? I used to love reading and still do, but it came to a point where it was the only thing I was thinking. I got tired. So I have been away from the blogsphere for two years now-wow two whole years! It definitely doesn't feel that long.

Reading kind became like a chore and I definitely didn't want to start hating reading, so I stopped and took as much time as I needed to recharge. I would pass bookstores and wouldn't feel the urge to go in and take a peek anymore. I knew then, that I had to take a break before it was too late.

I didn't really plan when I would come back because I knew I would at some point, so I just let it go and here I am, two years later finally picking up a book and enjoying it!! Which is by the way Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout. In the past few months I was trying my best to make myself read Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare! I mean... how was that possible! I love her books and it is a guarantee that I am going to enjoy them.

Anyway, I have finally started to come back. I haven't been in the "book world" for so long that I have no idea what it going on with new books & authors. I haven't read any book blogs either so hope I can ease into them again. Plus I totally forgot how to use blogger.. :(
If anyone knows how to remove the background I have which I don't remember how I put it on, please kindly let me know.
I plan to have more of a clean feel to my blog- making it easier to maintain. :)

See you soon!! I can't wait to get back into the book world! I missed you all! :)
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