Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Bookshelf!

So I was going through my bookshelf realizing that I have so many books that I have but haven't read!
I'm on the verge of getting my books in boxes since in less than a month I'm moving so I decided to take a few pics of how my books are sorted on my bookshelf before I move them into a different setting.

This is a picture of how I organize my books.
I always go alphabetically by author's last name and then genre.

The first shelfs are all YA paranormal/fantasy books.
The fourth one in mainly contaimporary books, a mix of YA and Adult book since I don't have that many to put them in different shelfs. And at the end of that same shelf I have my Adult paranormal/fantasy books. Again I don't have that many to put them in a different shelfs.
The last shelf has my old science textbooks from high school and some university textbooks that I had in the past semesters but still need.

How about your bookshelves? How do you organize them?

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