Friday, February 11, 2011

Breathless Books Challenge 2011

Have you ever read a book that transported you completely into another word and made you forget where were you? That made you want to come back to it again and again? Dream it perhaps? 
A book that made you stay up till the early hours just so you could finish at least another chapter?
That book must have left you breathless.

Project Breathless Books is all about finding books that leaves you breathless and wanting for more. Books that'll make you think about them long time after you've read them. 
My goal is to find as many as I can.

You can find more info here.

I have been thinking about creating a challenge for this so here it goes. I know it's kind late to start a challenge now for 2011 but it doesn't matter as long as you've read the books in 2011.

What to do?

1) Create your own post about what makes a book breathless to you, mentioning that you're participating in this challenge.

2) Fill out this Form.

It does not matter what kind of books you're reading as long as they have these factors for you. You can only include books that are read in 2011. You can also add books that you have re-read in 2011.
There is no number of books that you need to read. As long as you find books that satisfies you you're good to go!

Every three months we will gather and share the reviews of our own breathless books. It's a way of discovering new books and new bloggers.
So the first meeting will be on April 1st and will include all the books that we've read for this challenge from January till March. When the time arrives I will post more information about how you can link your reviews.





******* I will manually add the links for blogs that are participating.*******

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